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Welcome Jacksonville Marines

Welcome Jacksonville Florida Marines

Welcome Marines & Navy FMF Corpsmen!

Looking for fellow Marines & FMF Corpsmen in Jacksonville, Florida?
You’re in the right place.

Saepe Expertus, Semper Fidelis, Fratres Aeterni

Jacksonville Semper Fidelis Society is a nonprofit military auxiliary organization recognized under IRS section 501 (c) (19) and a War Veterans Organization under IRC 170 (c) (3). We are a society of honorably discharged and retired Marines and Navy Corpsmen, Chaplains and Surgeons that served with the Fleet Marine Forces and chose to continue an adherence to the core values of the United States Marine Corps.

What We Do

  • JU Award
    The Jacksonville Semper Fidelis Society in coordination with the NROTC Marine staff at the Jacksonville University NROTC present a Marine read more
  • Gung Ho Awards
    The Jacksonville Semper Fidelis Society presents an annual Gung-Ho Award at an organizational dinner. The intent of the award is read more
  • JNROTC Awards
    The JNROTC Scholarship Awards are presented annually by the Jacksonville Semper Fidelis Society in honor of Dr. Herbert R. Pearce read more
  • Evergreen Memorial
    The Marine and Navy FMF Corpsmen Memorial at the Evergreen Cemetery is set in a unique setting and location. It read more


Information about the Semper Fidelis Society and its mission to support Marines and FMF Corpsmen in the community

Group wants to add vet who committed suicide after battle with PTSD to Duval County memorial wall

A local group wants to add another name to the Duval County Veterans Memorial Wall while raising awareness about veteran Continue Reading


Vets4Vets Gathering Aug 6th

Semper Fidelis Society will be supporting this event and encourage members to attend. Together we are stronger. Concept of Ops: Continue Reading


Semper Fidelis Society Supports Vets4Vets Mission Awareness

Communities across the country are growing stronger because Veterans are finding ways to apply their skills and leadership at home. Continue Reading


Monthly Meetings

Hidden Hills Country Club

Join us on the 3rd Tuesday of the month,1130 to 1300, at the Hidden Hills Country Club for some good food and friendship. There will also be 2 evening meetings, July and October, to provide the opportunity for members who can not make the luncheon meetings an opportunity to meet fellow members. Evening meetings will be on the 3rd Wednesday of the aforementioned months at 1800. Semper Fidelis Society meets once a month except for the months of November and December. Meetings are a intended to be a gathering place to rekindle old friendships, meet fellow Marines and FMF Corpsmen and share information concerning the Marine and Veterans community.


Upcoming Events and Dates in USMC History

Evergreen Ceremony
Nov 10 @ 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Marine and FMF Corpsmen 11th Annual Marine and FMF Corpsmen Memorial Service at Evergreen Cemetery honoring those for gave all. Service is attended by Family member of those lost in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, local Marines and Navy personnel. Service will start at 1630.

Veterans Day
Nov 11 all-day
Jun 14 all-day
Jul 4 all-day